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Welcome To Morgan Composting!

 Organic Grower Bulletin:

Morgan’s brand of organic KMag and Sulfate of Potash is NOT MOSAIC. That is not a product we use in our production.

Always on the Cutting Edge:
Morgan’s mission is to be on the innovative side of agriculture, bringing you the most cutting edge products. Check out our Liquid Amendments page to see how to improve your soils’ health!

Annual Soil Health Seminar

The day was a success, and we owe it to all the folks that support Morgan Composting and all of YOU growers for wanting to be the best you can be by always LEARNING!!

A HUGE Thank you! to our sponsors and vendors for their support in making this event happen.
Of course, planning for 2017 has commenced and we are always open to comments, suggestions, and ideas for the next event. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on this year’s seminar, and for future seminars at (231) 734-2451, or email:


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