About Us

Our Mission:

Morgan Composting strives to be a driving force in Agribusiness that promotes sustainable practices, and to be an innovated provider of economical & healthy soil products. Our mission, what MCI is about…is to strive for excellence in our service to customers, our community, and the environment.

  • Morality, ethics, and goodwill
  • Organic integrity and promotion
  • Respect, reliability, and recognition
  • Growing, growing, and growing!
  • Ability to be diverse in all growing sectors
  • New opportunities are constantly sought out
  • Sustainable and sound economical products
The Morgan Composting Team

The Morgan Composting Team


Our Philosophy
We believe that there is no silver bullet, but if we can build layers of good practices, we can achieve healthy soils and healthy plants. This equals a healthy YOU! Our goal is your goal, so when a grower asks us “how do I get there?” we start at the beginning and ask where you’re starting from. With a well trained staff, along with an agronomist, to help recommend and implement a good, efficient plant specific program, we’ll get you THERE.


Our Facility – Sears, MI


How We Began
Morgan Composting is a family business. Started in 1996, by Brad Morgan and his father Dale. The Morgan’s began composting as a solution to manure on their 200 head dairy operation. Now, the cows have been sold, and just a composting operation remains.


  • 2013 Green Leader Small Business Category
  • Michigan Land Steward Award
  • Michigan Food and Farming Systems Buisness of the Year
  • For working with the Montcalm conservation district and NRCS on Larry Sackett’s Potato Composting Field Trial