Liquid Amendments

liquid soil amendmentsMorgan Composting has been feverishly working on Research & Development for liquid soil amendments. To include foliar, and soil drench, products during the heat of summer, and dryness of August, crops may need a boost to help them through these stressful periods to get the best yield possible.

Some of Morgan’s Top Liquid Products:

Humic & Fulvic AcidsPivot Application
Morgan’s manufacture Humic & Fulvic right on our home farm in Sears, MI. We’ve been at this for a couple years now, and have mastered two wonderful liquid carbon amendments, HumicBlaster & FulvicBlaster. These products are the perfect agents to help get nutrient into the pathways of the plants RIGHT when they need it the most.

Benefits of Using HumicBlaster & FulvicBlaster:

  • Increases nutrient uptake of plants
  • Produce higher yields
  • Promotes moisture retention
  • Increases cation exchange capacity (CEC)
  • Supports biological activity

Our Humic Acid is approximately 5{9f12768763661982b8d6697ff19e5d808a5d97e6fd02e286b1d4559f1bb05c57} and can be applied via either soil drench or foliar application. This user friendly product has a manageable pH, easy mixing, and best of all…will not clog sprayers or corrode equipment! ROA: 2 qts – 2 gal/Ac.

This product is also user friendly, with a low pH. It is high quality for cleaner spraying. Blends well with most fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. The advantage of Fulvic over Humic is the particle size. The particles are microscopic, therefore easier for the plant to absorb into the leaf, allowing the plants pathways to open better for uptake. If you’re looking for precise feeding times, and immediate results, Fulvic Acid is what you want. ROA: 1 -2 qts/Ac.

Can be used alone or with other amendments. It is ideal for soil drench or in an irrigation system. This product can also be used for foliar applications. The Humic Acid stabilizes accompanying amendments and is great for soil microbial health. The Kelp promotes plant vigor and increases your plants’ stress tolerance. ROA: 1-2 gal/Ac. as a soil drench, 1-4 qts/Ac. on seed, 1-2 qts/Ac. with a starter in a 2×2. Homeowners use 4-8 ounces per gallon.

Contains Fulvic Acid for increased plant absorption of amendments, herbicides, and desiccants. The small molecule size of Fulvic Acid allows this product to be drawn into the cells of the leaf more readily for a faster response. The kelp promotes plant vigor and increases your plants’ tolerance for stress. Great for large scale field crops, small market vegetables, or any other growing system! Mixes well with other liquids that are typically applied as a foliar spray and is user friendly. ROA: 1 gal/Ac. as a foliar, 1 gal/100 gal water, 4-6 ounces per gallon (tank sprayer).

This low salt, slow-release nitrogen is great for pastures, small grains, corn, and grasses. It uses slow-release, SMART nitrogen technology to prevent N losses. This product also contains fulvic and kelp extract. The small molecular size of the fulvic acid allows this product to be drawn into the cells of the leaf more readily for a faster response. Kelp helps to buffer your crops against biotic or abiotic stresses, as well as increasing plant vigor. Can be used in irrigation systems, foliar sprayers, or pivots. ROA: 1 – 3 gallons as foliar spray, 2 gallons per 100 gallons of water, 2 oz. per gallon.

Custom Blends
We enjoy creating custom liquid blends to help you improve your crop yields to achieve healthier soils. Amendments are blended together for what your soils are deficient in. Creating custom blends maximizes nutrient, minerals, and biology. We look forward to creating custom blends for crop producers who were looking for just the right solution to fit their circumstances!